The protein influence on male potency: severe harm or huge benefit!

Protein is a food supplement with which experienced athletes are truly familiar. There is an opinion that it negatively affects male intimate power, supporters of another version believe that protein is harmless or even useful.

Action on the body of guys

Protein, in fact, is pure product. It builds all the human body muscles. The constant maintenance of the substance at the proper level normalizes the nitrogen balance and stimulates muscle growth.

This product in comparison with natural products is often preferred when it is vital to quickly magnify the content of muscle. Higher protein presence activates this process. It accelerates the process of fat burning and also metabolism.

The protein influence on male potency: severe harm or huge benefit!

When ingested, the additive immediately breaks down into components of amino acids. This is because in the creation procedure this component is fully prepared for rapid assimilation, and it enters the body in a split state.

Its direct influence on male intimate power is possible just if it contains some female sex hormones (for example, soybean variants). Their overabundance disrupts the hormonal balance in the organism, lowers testosterone presence and may provoke erectile dysfunction. In other cases, the nutritional supplement acts indirectly.

Benefit for potency

For improving the male power, protein is very important. The rating of the menu of diets and aphrodisiac products always includes meat and dairy ingredients. Such menu components, due to the existence of protein, give a positive effect on sexual consistency. Protein supplement is delivered into the body in pure form, in greater concentration and in a form that facilitates its rapid assimilation.

In addition to the main component, protein products contain useful and valuable amino acids, mineral complexes and also vitamins. Without them, the body will not function properly. Respectively with their help the work of the genitourinary system is normalized.

Harm for potency

Information that protein negatively influences the ability of a man in bed is absent. That is, the use of powder itself does not affect the male consistency and interest in women. But there are additional factors that worsen the sexual function associated with the additive.

1. Professional athletes, experiencing some complications with the implementation of sexual acts, are sometimes blamed for this protein. First of all, it is necessary to revise the training schedule and assess the level of workloads. Most likely, protein powder has nothing to do with it.

2. The second factor has a completely psychological underpinning. Scientific studies have confirmed the existence of the placebo effect and its effectiveness, so autosuggestion comes into play. There are a lot of rumors about protein products, and the most frequent are related to their harm to male intimate power. As a result, a person, especially if he is more suggestible, begins to believe in this and give the body violations of erectile function.

3. The desire to save money. This is the only reason directly relatedThe protein influence on male potency: severe harm or huge benefit! to food powder. Low-quality protein is harmful for potency, especially if the composition contains soy protein. It supplies estrogen, which reduces the degree of the male sex hormone. Infatuation with cheap analogs does not provoke erectile dysfunction, but may really reduce sexual desire.


The statement about the unequivocal harm of protein for male solvency is not true, but it must be remembered that any overabundance is not beneficial. It is vital to look to the required norms and eat just high-quality menu components from manufacturers who have proven themselves.