Is it Safe to Provide ED Treatment together with Antibiotics Intake?

Influence of Antibiotics on Male Organism

It’s a well-known fact that antibiotics have both negative and positive impacts on human body. They help to treat lots of diseases, but at the same time can be harmful for the overall condition of the body or separate body systems or functions. Antibiotics are widely used in urology in the treatment of virus, bacterial and other diseases. The primary negative effect these drugs have on the liver, kidneys, and only then on the digestive tract and the genital organs. According to statistical data, only 12% of antibiotics can have a negative effect on potency.

Among them are:

  • Drugs that lower blood pressure;
  • Preparations based on hormones;
  • Drugs that affect the nervous system;
  • Depressant drugs;
  • Drugs that can suppress the production of male hormones.

Every patient should remember the fact that antibiotics can cause only a temporary potency disorder, which is connected with a weakening of the general condition of the body. If the courseIs it Safe to Provide ED Treatment together with Antibiotics Intake? of treatment is over, and sexual apathy doesn’t go away, it’s very likely that there are other possible causes of erectile dysfunction, and it’s time to seek help from a sex therapist. Moreover, it should be remembered that during at least 2 weeks after the antibiotics treatment, it is not recommended to start a child, since antibiotics negatively affect the quality and composition of sperm, which can cause the development of various pathologies in the future baby.

Protection from the Undesired Effects of Antibiotics

  1. Never take antibiotics without a doctor’s permission because few patients can do it correctly. The choice of medications does not depend on the disease only, but on patient’s age and state of health as well.
  2. Ask the specialist to prescribe additional medications (bifidobacteria or probiotics) to restore the weakened organism.
  3. Take antibiotics according to the dosage and drug intake time the doctor prescribed because untreated infection can lead to sequela, including ED.
  4. Carefully read the product label where possible side effects are always indicated.
  5. During the treatment period, use as many products as possible to strengthen the erection. This includes seafood (shrimp, salmon, squid, mussels), nuts and greens (parsley, spinach, green onions), eggs, low-fat meat, ginger.

Potency Recovery during Antibiotic Treatment

When a patient doesn’t want to interrupt a sexual life during taking antibiotics, doctors can advise taking special medications. For example, PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis combine with most antibiotics and don’t have a negative impact on the internal organs and body functions. Anyway, to get Cialis without doctor’s permission is highly undesirable. For example, such antibiotics as erythromycin and rifampicin actively interact with the main ingredients of Tadalafil medications like Cialis. If to take these antibiotics simultaneously with Cialis, the patient may suffer from an overdose of Tadalafil. As a result, patients may experience some side effects. The most dangerous of them is thought to be priapism (a painful erection that can result in the development of thrombosis, incurable erectile dysfunction, gangrene, and male sterility). That’s why specialists recommend to take Cialis 5mg as a maximum possible dosage together with erythromycin.