1) How to use Viagra if you want to create special night?
If it is your first-time use, you should be sure that there is nothing wrong with your health. If you already used Viagra, just pick a little bit bigger dosage, but we do not recommend using over 100 mg if there are no real Ed problems in your life.

2) Is there any harm if I use Viagra with vitamins?
No. Viagra’s action could be wrong only if you use pills on the base of nitroglycerine. Simple vitamins can’t bring any harm. Besides, they will make your health stronger and it means that after their using your range of feelings and emotions could be wider.

3) Is it possible to find your pills in pharmacy?
No, it is impossible. All of our goods are under the copyrights and it means that we take care of their quality and there is no one else on the planet who can sell it under our name. It makes us being sure that all pills are in best quality and customers will be always glad.

4) Viagra and mental problems – is it possible to unite?
At first, it is important to make clear – what kind of problems you are talking about! If it is a lack of self-confidence, this case is can be fixed by Viagra, because this pill brings real energy and possibilities to make your life better. As the result, such kind of mental problems can be gone.

5) My girlfriend doesn’t know that I use Viagra. How tell her about it?
In a couple should be an atmosphere of confidence and it means that in one good moment your girlfriend will know about it – it is impossible to keep it in a secret for whole life. Just don’t be scared to confess in it – women’s attitude about ED is not the same with men’s. She will understand and help you.

6) Is it possible to destroy ED with the help of Viagra?
Not in all cases, but pretty often customers after using of Viagra appeared the now they can be sexual active without pills. It happened because of healing effect. It has the influence to the different areas and as the result, a pill can remove main reason of ED appearance.

7) Viagra and another inhibitor – is it possible to use them at the same time?
It is impossible because their action is not the same. It means that your body will get real pressure and as the result, it will possible to lose effect. Two different inhibitors can bring side effects and in this case it will be rather difficult to think about sex.

8) Is it possible to take Viagra right after sports activity?
It is possible, but we will recommend you to take Viagra when your body is relaxed. Tiredness will bring you problems because sex is an action which needs energy and power. If you already after sports activity, just wait until your heartbeat will be in norm and use pill.